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Nirab inks fifth venture with Tama

Desk Report: The Nirab-Tama pair gained high momentum over the years as the duo earlier shared screen four times and won acceptance as well.

The news that is to be learned is that Nirab Hossain recently has inked a new film with Tama Mirza.

Titled ‘Kathgoray Sarat Chandra’, the film is being directed by Arifur Rahman Arif.

The film has been named after the legendary author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Gazi Rakayet will portray the title character.

Nirab shared high notes regarding the new film. “Hoping to present a niece piece of work before the viewers. I think the prudence we receive through the preceding works will help us to deliver something better”, he said.

Shooting for ‘Kathgoray Sarat Chandra’ is expected to go on the floor in May. Event Plus and MR Films will produce the film.

However, Nirab-Tama duo paired up for the first time in 2010 film ‘Bolona Tumi Amar’.


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