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Puja Cherry in Kolkata for Prem Amar 2

Desk Report:  Puja Cherry earned large-scale acceptance for her role in ‘Noor Jahan’ which was released on 16th of February, the month of Valentine’s.

The Abhimanyu Mukherjee-directed film, starring Puja-Adrit pair was screened in both Bangladesh and India.

However, what’s the new to be informed of is that the actress meanwhile has ventured once again with Adrit. And the shooting has gone on the floor in Kolkata too.

Titled ‘Prem Amar 2’, the film is a sequel to the Raj Chakrabarty-directed 2009 hit ‘Prem Amar’.

“Have started shooting for Prem Amar 2 in Kolkata on Tuesday (February 27)”, said Puja.

“Adrit has been casted against me in this film. Earlier I worked with him in Noor Jahan. Therefore, I don’t have to go through any difficulty”, she added.

“The film, under Raj Chakraborty Production, is being directed by Bidula Bhattacharjee. From Bangladesh, Jaaz Multimedia is producing it”, Puja said further.


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