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Ways to fix skin woes

Desk Report: Changes in the weather can take toll on the skin. Healthy and glowing skin is the basis of beauty and so skin care needs due attention.

Freckles and dark patches can be a problem and there are remedies to tackle these.

1.Dark patches – Although dark patches and melasma are more common with women, men can be concerned about this skin condition too. Hormonal imbalance and use of makeup can contribute towards skin discoloration while excessive pressure on the eyes can cause dark circles. Dark patches on skin can also form during or after pregnancy, for those who are on the pill or suffered a miscarriage or have ovarian tumours. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin, making it advisable to use sunscreen outdoors. Sunscreen blocks ultraviolet B rays and protects the skin from further damage. People suffering from dark patches should avoid being out in the sun for too long and also consult dermatologists.

2. Freckles – Freckles are mainly caused by excessive exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays although people with photosensitive or sun sensitive skin can also fall victim to this skin condition. Both prevention and cure is necessary. One must be sure to take umbrellas, sunglasses and sunscreen when stepping out, particularly if one has freckles.

Prevention is always better than cure, so take care of your skin from early in your life to avoid these common problems.

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