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3 customs to get rid of eye floaters

From Healthline :  Treating eye floaters depends on the underlying cause. Some cases are harmless, but more severe cases can affect your eye health. If eye floaters begin to impair your vision, there are treatments available to make them less noticeable or remove them.


  1. Ignore them

Sometimes the best treatment is nothing at all. In many cases, eye floaters will fade or disappear on their own. If they don’t fade, sometimes your brain will learn to ignore them. As a result, your vision will begin to adapt. You’ll no longer notice them as much.


Coping with eye floaters is the least invasive option to protect your eyes. If the floaters become a nuisance or begin to impair your vision, discuss your options with your eye doctor.


  1. Vitrectomy

A vitrectomy is an invasive surgery that can remove eye floaters from your line of vision. Within this procedure, your eye doctor will remove the vitreous through a small incision. The vitreous is a clear, gel-like substance that keeps the shape of your eye round.


Your doctor will replace the vitreous with a solution to maintain the shape of your eye. Your body will then produce more vitreous that will eventually replace this new solution.

Though effective, a vitrectomy may not always remove eye floaters. It’s still possible for them to form again, specifically if this procedure causes any bleeding or trauma. This surgery is used for severe symptoms of floaters.

  1. Laser therapy

Laser therapy involves aiming lasers at the eye floaters. This can cause them to break up and may reduce their presence. If the lasers are aimed incorrectly, you could risk damage to your retina.

This procedure isn’t the preferred treatment method since it’s still experimental. While seen as an effective treatment for some cases, some people have noticed little to no improvement. It can also worsen floaters in some instances. Discuss your options with your doctor before pursuing this method.

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